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This is definitely the most fun this author has had writing, and she’s been at it many years. Fela’s always had the desire to write outside the box, and was reigned in a few times in the early years when it wasn’t something you mixed with traditional historical romances. But all those rules have been shattered and what an adventure it’s been. Fela has journeyed into the realm of dark fantasy, with plenty of legends, monsters and other worldly things, but she has remained true to her love of historical times — medieval to be specific — with plenty of romance mixed in. F.D. Scott has finally allowed it all out onto the pages of a new series — I Am Winterborn.

I Am Winterborn – the Wolf, is just the beginning of the tale, with many more adventures to follow.


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I Am Winterborn – the Wolf

Book I Winterborn Series


In this world, fated purpose guides each step

My touch to ease pain and suffering

Content, I shall sacrifice all that I am

Until the beat of my heart grows still and silent

There is no regret, only the promise of dying

Into death’s arms I gladly go, for I am Winterborn


“I am Winterborn.”

Born on the longest night of the year, Venetia Gregor has said these words many times, believed in the ancient legends of the One. What she didn’t understand was the importance of who she was or what it truly meant. Not until one fated night when monstrous creatures crept from the shadows and changed her life forever.

Now, this ordinary woman must become extraordinary.

Shaw Kameron was Lykos, an immortal Celtic warrior, a protector who could shapeshift into a wolf at will. As a hunter of the dead, he’d seen many unbelievable things … but never had he seen the Winterborn. Until now.

In need of protection, Destiny determined their paths should cross — to keep the Winterborn alive until she could Awaken and emerge as the White Witch humanity awaits.


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