Dark times demand the extraordinary…

Introducing a new dark fantasy series by Fela Dawson Scott.

Fela Dawson Scott has been writing for decades and her desire to explore the darker side of fantasy has come to life in the pages of Book 1: I Am Wínterborn – The Wolf, Book 2: I Am Wínterborn – The Dragon, and Book 3: I Am Wínterborn – The Wytch, now available on Amazon. Look for the final adventure in Book 4: I Am Wínterborn – The Wraith.


In this world, fated purpose guides each step

My touch to ease pain and suffering

Content, I shall sacrifice all that I am

Until the beat of my heart grows still and silent

There is no regret, only the promise of dying

Into death’s arms I gladly go, for I am Wínterborn

Book 1

I Am Wínterborn – The Wolf

IAW - The Wolf

“I am Wínterborn.”

Venetia Gregor has uttered these very words, but never truly understood their significance. Not until monstrous creatures emerge from the darkness to change her life forever.

Shaw Kameron is an immortal Celtic warrior able to shapeshift into the form of a wolf. The hunter of the dead has seen many things through the years … but never has he seen the One called Wínterborn.

Destiny has determined her importance to the world. Now, this ordinary woman must become extraordinary.

Book 2

I Am Wínterborn – The Dragon

IAW - The Dragon

Life is a challenge when monsters want you dead.

For Venetia Gregor, everything she envisioned for herself vanished in a single, unfortunate night. Instead, she finds herself in an otherworldly battle for her life and time’s running out for this woman marked as Wínterborn.

Shaw Kameron has vowed to protect the One to the death, and together they must journey to the place where it all began. It is an endless fight for survival — being on the underworld’s most wanted list can prove deadly.

Books 1, 2 and 3 Available Now on Amazon


I Am Wínterborn – The Wytch

IAW - The Wytch

Destiny determines her path — death follows.

Venetia Gregor has Awakened and is now the great Fionn Bandraiodóir, possessing both dark and light magick. But much has been sacrificed for her to endure, her heart haunted by painful loss.

Yet, a storm continues to gather in force with but a single purpose — to see the powerful White Wytch wiped from the face of the earth.


I Am Wínterborn – The Wraith

IAW - The Wraith

The final battle awaits — destiny will be determined.

Venetia Gregor knows they are but a few against hundreds, the Lord of the Dead at her front door with an army of hybrids and bone-walkers. And, for reasons unknown, another unnamed evil threatens her from the darkness — another bent on revenge against those she holds dear.

This may be a battle they cannot possibly win, but the time has come to determine Venetia’s fate. Fully prepared to do whatever it takes to keep her family safe, the One marked as Wínterborn will fight or die. Or join those who no longer stand with her.

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